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Castle Park

When you want to have some family fun in Riverside, CA, you must check out Castle Park Amusement Park. This amusement park has something for everyone, from mini golf to the popular Screamin’ Demon roller coaster. The park has dozens of other rides as well, including arcade games and live shows and seasonal festivals. The most popular area of the park is the Ride Park, which features over 20 rides and a changing schedule throughout the year. It is located at 3500 Polk St, Riverside, CA 92505.

If you’re planning on bringing the whole family, you can expect to pay about a dollar a day for parking at Castle Park. There’s ample parking available at the main entrance, which is close to the park’s attractions. However, if you’re planning to bring a motorhome or Class A camper, you may want to plan your visit around public transportation or get permission to park your vehicle at a nearby parking lot.

If you’re not sure how old you’d be, you can always visit the historic Riverside Municipal Golf Course, which is open seven days a week and has a snack bar. The course is part of the Riverside Historic Park and was named after Barnett and Eleanor Jean Grier, who were pioneers of civil rights in the city. Afterwards, you can relax at the Riverside Municipal Golf Course. While you’re there, you can even enjoy a round of golf or play some miniature golf. More to do in Riverside.

Visitors who plan to bring their RVs should pack all of their basic necessities, including cooking equipment. You can even use your mobile phone to purchase food and beverages while you’re there. If you plan on staying overnight, the park also allows you to take your car for a day. A single day pass to the park is approximately $10. These tickets also include unlimited rides, rounds of mini golf, parking passes, and more. If you’re driving or taking the train, you can take the Riverside Metro Railway to reach the Riverside Municipal Museum. Check out our homepage.

For an even more educational experience, you can also visit the nearby Mission Inn Museum. This historic building was built by Frank Miller, a marketing genius and a fan of art and aviation. The museum includes his collection. The courtyard has vintage appliances that have been remodeled and made into decorative pieces. If you are a military personnel, you can get free admission to the museum! A visit to the museum is a worthwhile experience.

You can also enjoy a day at this park if you’re looking for an amusement park with lots of thrill rides. Whether you’re looking for a family day out or a weekend getaway, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. There are many activities at this amusement park for people of all ages, so you won’t find yourself bored. Just make sure you bring a camera!

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