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Dental Bridges 

Creating a good first impression is essential especially when going for a job interview or meeting new friends. To create a good impression, your overall looks need to be on point, and this includes your teeth. Your dental hygiene is essential and helps one in socializing with other people. When your teeth are clean, white and free of plaque, you can confidently interact with other people. Dental Bridges Services are created to give you the perfect dental hygiene that you desire. We specialize in repairing damaged teeth and strengthen and whitening them to provide you with a fresh, polished look

At Smile Advantage, we offer a wide variety of services that aim at transforming your dental hygiene, and these include braces, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, dental implants, Bridges and crowns, and root canal treatment. If you are having any problems with your teeth such as deformation, discoloration, broken teeth, and toothaches, then we recommend that you seek our services to solve all these.

Our braces are specially formulated to fit your needs and give you a healthy smile. If you want straight teeth and have any issues with teeth misalignment, cross-bites, over-bites, and teeth spacing issues then book a consultation with us to find the right fit for you.

If you are having missing teeth or broken teeth, then seek out our crown and Bridges services. These services repair any space left by broken teeth and strengthen the teeth as well giving you a more confident smile. Our cosmetic dentistry services also perform the function of correcting broken and missing teeth. This process completely transforms your look by providing you with a new set of customized teeth that suit your needs.

Also, we offer teeth whitening services that help in eliminating discoloration of teeth caused by drinks such as hard water and coffee. This process is completely harmless as well and gives you a healthy smile throughout the day.
Bottom line

We recommend that you use Smile Advantage dental services for all your dental hygiene issues as the results are guaranteed. Our services are entirely harmless and safe as our staff as professionals in their field. Visit us today if you want a healthy smile and sharp, straight teeth. If you have any more questions regarding our services, then contact us on our website, and we will answer your questions.

If you are thinking about pursuing a SERVICE, you should make sure that you understand every detail of the treatment process before beginning. For more information about how you can get the smile that you’ve always wanted, contact our front desk at 951-352-2227 today.

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“Dr. Shmara & staff are SUPER!! I’m a BIG chicken, way scared by former dentists and Dr Shmara has really put me in a comfort zone. Yesterday I was in for the temp for a cap, and I wasn’t scared one bit!”


Riverside, CA

“Dr. Shmara is a true professional. I have a family member who is very afraid and distrustful of dentists – long history of poor quality treatment. Dr. Shmara was very direct in her treatment needs .”


Riverside, CA

“Dr. Shmara is by far my favorite dentist that I have been to. He is honest and extremely nice! I don’t mind making the drive to his office for my appointments. The office is clean and his staff is wonderful.”


Riverside, CA

Dr. Shmara and staff are dedicated to providing you with a pleasant visit and results