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Are you looking for a way to improve your oral hygiene? If so, you should consider water flossing. Water flossing is a great way to clean between and around your teeth. It can help remove plaque and bacteria that regular brushing may miss. Smile Advantage in Riverside, CA can provide you with all the information you need on water flossing – call us today!

What is a water flosser? A water flosser is an oral hygiene device that you can use to clean in between and around your teeth. Water flossers are available in stores so you can purchase one for your home. A water flosser should be used every day to remove plaque and bacteria from hard-to-reach places that regular brushing may miss.

The device sprays streams of water in steady pulses through an opening at the top – these pulsing streams are very effective at removing plaque and bacteria from between teeth, around implants, or other dental work like bridges and crowns, as well as gum pockets (which can hold food particles). You should use a water flosser every day for two minutes to achieve the best results.

There are many benefits of water flossing, including:

  • Removal of plaque and bacteria that regular brushing may miss
  • Prevention of gum disease
  • Reduced risk of tooth decay
  • Improved oral hygiene
  • Easier to use than traditional dental floss

What is the best way to water floss?

It’s important that you follow the instructions on your water flosser so that you get optimal results. Here are some tips for using a water flosser:

  • Fill up your reservoir with lukewarm water
  • Place the head of your water flosser over a sink, faucet, or other surfaces that has an opening in it (this will help prevent messes) and turn on the device to start flossing. Be sure not to point directly at anyone because these pulsating streams could hurt them! If you’re having trouble aiming the water flosser, try using the mirror to help.
  • Gently move the water flosser back and forth in between your teeth. Be careful not to press too hard – you should only use light pressure.
  • Make sure to clean your water flosser regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How often should I change my water flosser?

It depends on what type of water flosser it is and if you use tap or distilled water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for changing out parts and filters. If you’re using a water flosser with distilled water, it’s best to replace the filter every six months.

If you are looking for a way to improve your oral hygiene, call Dr. Ali Shmara at 951-419-3660 to schedule an appointment today! We can provide you with all the details you need on this great way to keep your teeth clean and healthy!

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