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Teeth are subject to the ravages of time like the rest of the body. It could manifest in yellowing, chips, and other unsightly consequences, which is enough to knock any patient’s confidence and make them feel self-conscious.

Smile Advantage by Dr. Ali Shmara resets the clock using cosmetic dentistry. The practice offers several treatment options to cater to patients with different needs and budgets.

The Treatments that Smile Advantage Offers

Patients have a wide array of options when it comes to aesthetic improvements to the teeth.


Veneers can makeover a patient’s whole mouth.

Veneers replace some of the enamel of the teeth and fit permanently and snugly. The process is more costly, but it produces the best results.

Porcelain veneers can hide a multitude of issues, too.


Bonding also covers up problem areas with ease. It doesn’t need to cover the whole tooth, so it’s more cost-effective than veneers.

Bonding works well with smaller areas on the damaged tooth.


A dental crown fits over the tooth. It’s useful for broken or chipped teeth.

The dentist fits the crown to the existing tooth, and it is often used after root canals.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays fall somewhere between fillings and crowns. A lab creates the fixtures, and the dentist bonds these to the teeth.

What’s the difference between inlays and onlays? A dentist uses inlays to fill in holes in the teeth. It’s similar to a filling but more durable.

Dentists bond onlays to the outside of the teeth. It is like a crown, but smaller and more affordable.


Dental bridges are comparable to dentures. Instead of replacing a whole row of teeth, it replaces just a few teeth.

The dentist may use a bridge in place of an implant if the surrounding teeth are in bad shape, for example.

It usually cements the bridge in place, but may also use implants to anchor the bridge.


Sometimes a dentist has no choice but to extract a tooth. When that happens, it’s essential to fill in the gap.

The tissue over the area does grow back and heal, but the bone underneath may start to degenerate.

With an implant, the dental surgeon first places a screw into the jaw. Then, the patient waits for the bone to grow around it. Healing can take several months.

When this process is complete, patients go back into surgery to remove the tissue that has inevitably formed over the implant. The dental surgeon then places whichever dental device they’re using to replace the tooth—it could be a crown, bridges, dentures, and another piece.

The treatment is costly, but it does prevent the bone of the jaw from deteriorating. It also provides permanent support for bridges and dentures.

Meet the Professional Team at Smile Advantage

If you’re not sure which option is the best fit, book a consultation at Smile Advantage in Riverside, CA.

Dr. Shmara will thoroughly examine the mouth and discuss the possible solutions. The patient can then select the best way forward, assured of professional support and Dr. Shmara’s dedication, skills, and experience.

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