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Much-Admired Family Dentist in Riverside, CA – Dr. Ali Shmara

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Riverside, CA – March 12, 2021. Smile Advantage introduces its five-star-rated family dentist in Riverside, CA, and the surrounding area. Dr. Ali Shmara has more than 15 years of experience in the dental industry. In addition to general and family dentistry, he specializes in comprehensive dentistry, implant dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and full mouth rehabilitation.

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Family Dental Services

Smile Advantage offers family, pediatric, and general dentistry all in one location, which means the need for only one dental office for the whole family. Dr. Shmara’s family dentistry services include:

  • Regular exams and cleanings: Regular exams and cleanings are an important part of oral health for people of all ages. Twice a year, or every six months, is the ideal schedule for dental visits. Having consistent appointments and a habit of brushing and flossing are all part of preventive dentistry that anyone can practice.
  • Fluoride treatments: Fluoride treatments are essential, especially for children as they grow and develop. Every day, teeth lose necessary minerals that prevent decay. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants replenish the lost minerals.
  • Cavity checks and fillings: Tooth decay is typically preventable during childhood. However, patients of all ages continue to get cavities. Family dentists help to identify and fill cavities.
  • Gum disease treatment: A branch of dentistry, periodontics refers to the study and treatment of gum disease and oral inflammation. Family dentists may offer treatments such as scaling and root planting.
  • Orthodontic referrals: While many family dentists do not offer orthodontic treatments, they can provide orthodontic exams and referrals to outside orthodontists.

Other Services

Whether a routine cleaning or an oral surgery, Smile Advantage Family Dentistry excels in other general and cosmetic dental care and services, including:

  • Periodontics: Focuses on inflammatory diseases that damage the gums
  • Endodontics: Concentrates on diseases and injuries of dental pulp, the soft tissues inside a tooth
  • Teeth whitening: Uses professional in-office, high-concentration bleaching agents
  • Dental implants: Refers to artificial tooth roots that replace a single tooth or group of teeth
  • Removable prosthodontics: Involves replacing teeth with a non-permanent prosthesis, such as dentures or partial dentures
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About the Practice

Smile Advantage is a dedicated dental clinic in Riverside, CA committed to providing state-of-the-art care to patients of all ages. Putting patients’ needs first and providing high-quality dental care is at the essence of Riverside’s family dentist practice led by Dr. Shmara and his team. Many Smile Advantage patients look forward to their appointments because of the honest and personal care they have received.

Dr. Ali Shmara takes pride in his practice’s compassionate, gentle dental care for all family members. He is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), California Dental Association (CDA), and Tri-County Dental Society (TCDS).

For More Information

To learn more about dental services at Smile Advantage in Riverside County, CA, please call the office at 951-324-4695 to speak with a member or book an appointment. Smile Advantage is actively accepting new patients.