Location: 4959 Arlington Ave Ste A, Riverside, CA, 92504

Location: 4959 Arlington Ave Ste A, Riverside, CA, 92504

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Having a tooth extracted might seem like a quick fix. It might even seem preferable to a more complex procedure like a root canal, saving you time and money. However, extractions are always the last resort for Smile Advantage’s Dr. Ali Shmara. He always advises considering the additional cost of dental implants in Riverside, CA, before making a final decision.

Why Replace the Missing Tooth?

If a patient has a tooth extracted at the back of the mouth, they might not see the need to replace it. Aesthetically, they’re right – it won’t make much difference to the smile, initially. Where it makes a significant impact is in the jaw itself. Repeated pressure on our bones is what keeps them healthy. Pressure on an area of bone tells the body that the bone must be kept strong. The body prioritizes sending nutrients and minerals to that area to facilitate optimal health.

When that pressure lessens, the body interprets this as a sign that the bone in the area is less critical. It starts to leech minerals from that bone.

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What Does Bone Reabsorption Have to Do with Missing Teeth?

When patients have all their teeth, they place pressure evenly across the jawbone when they bite down. When their dentist extracts a tooth, there’s no more pressure in that spot. The body starts to reabsorb the bone tissue in that area and the jawbone weakens. This leads to more teeth being extracted, and the cycle continues.

The Long-Term Aesthetic Impact of Missing Teeth

One missing tooth doesn’t make much difference to a patient’s appearance initially. There are two things to consider here, however. The teeth support one another and the cheek.

Lose one tooth, and the others will shift over time. Patients might start noticing gaps form between other teeth and teeth becoming crooked. The more teeth a patient loses, the more pronounced the shift becomes.

Losing more teeth affects how a patient’s mouth looks from the outside too. Without the support of the teeth, the cheeks take on a more hollowed appearance. The patient starts to look older and less healthy. That’s why many patients are considering dental implants in Riverside, CA

Dental Implants

Extraction is something that patients must discuss thoroughly with their dentists. Patients should, where possible, opt for restorative procedures like root canals instead.

Sometimes, however, there is no alternative. If the tooth is entirely rotten, Dr. Shmara may recommend extraction. In such cases, he’ll recommend following through with dental implants in Riverside, CA to offset the bone loss.

How Do Implants Work?

An implant is a titanium screw. Dr. Shmara anchors the implant into the bone while the patient is sedated. During surgery, the patient won’t feel anything. After surgery, the area will feel tender until it heals.

From there, the doctor must wait until the bone knits around the implant. The healing process usually takes around nine months. The patient then undergoes a second surgery to expose the head of the implant. He may install a crown, or use the implant to anchor dentures or a bridge.

The result is a very natural-looking tooth or teeth that you can care for as usual.


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