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The Beautiful Sights Of Mount Rubidoux Park

The Beautiful Sights Of Mount Rubidoux Park

Mount Rubidoux Park

Mount Rubidoux Park is located in Riverside, California. This is an excellent destination for a nature hike. You can take paved mountain paths to reach the summit. The view is extraordinary and you will pass historical landmarks including the American Flag and the Peace Bridge.

The Trail

You will discover two paved trails to choose from to reach the top. The longer trail is nearly three miles and the backside trail is under a mile. The longer trail is gorgeous and you walk by the famous Peace Bridge. This hike encompasses different flowers and plants, historical markers throughout the mountain and enormous boulders to climb. The average visitor spends roughly sixty to ninety minutes on this lovely trail. Once you reach the summit of the mountain, you will have an amazing view of the city below.

The Peace Bridge in Riverside, CA

The city of Riverside built the Peace Bridge in 1925 in commemoration of the work accomplished by Frank Miller along with his family. The family went away for a trip and returned to see the bridge and a special plaque. The plaque stated the bridge had been built by friends and neighbors for Frank Augustus Miller for his labor and recognition of world peace, community righteousness, and civic beauty. The bridge is a beautiful addition to the unique trail. This is a sensational place for photographs or to simply admire during your hike to the top. While you’re exploring the area, check out March Field Air Museum.

The Summit

Mount Rubidoux has several nice sites you will want to explore. If you arrive at the right time, there may less than a dozen people on the summit. The highlight of the mountain top is the magnificent cross. It is so large you can easily see it from the freeway. The hike is worth it just to see the cross. You will also pass the Peace Bridge because it is close to both the summit and the steps leading to the flag. One of the best times to come is during a clear evening because the sunset is absolutely breathtaking. Leaving the summit is easy because you go back the same way you came.

Easter Sunrise Service

The Easter Sunrise Service has been running for more than a century. This is the oldest service in the United States. People come to Mount Rubidoux Park every year, climb to the summit, enjoy the sunrise and listen to a message. This is a wonderful experience you will enjoy. If you plan to come, it is best to leave at approximately 6:00 am or thirty minutes before the sunrise. This should give you enough time to arrive and claim a good spot. Keep in mind people come extremely early just to get the best spots. Expect the service to last for about an hour.

The Experience

Mount Rubidoux Park is a fantastic experience for hikers, families, couples, travelers, and anyone interested in showing a friend some of the local sights. The team from Smile Advantage loves to see the sights. Chances are good you will come back and discover something you missed almost every single time. Mount Rubidoux Park is nature at its finest.