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Top Attractions You Must See At The March Field Air Museum In Riverside

Top Attractions You Must See At The March Field Air Museum In Riverside

The March Field Air Museum is a landmark museum that features historic aircraft. They have over 70 military aircraft for tourists and visitors to observe. Their observatory is enjoyed by thousands of people each year. The March Air Museum is an AAM accredited observatory that focuses on the skies. The MFAM recently celebrated its pivot craft design of the Riverside airfield. In fact, there is something for everyone including the kids. Their guests can enjoy rare operational jets that aren’t available anywhere else. The museum is also currently located near Moreno Valley just outside of Riverside, CA.

The MFAM Aircraft Display

Their vintage aircraft expands over 100 years of aircraft history. The March Field Air Museum specializes in being the stars of the aviation community. Their visitors have an opportunity to enjoy a wide collection of aircraft exhibits. For instance, observe the frail fabric of aircraft that flew during the First World War. The MFAM has kept these aircraft in outstanding condition and made them available to the public. Their “Keep Them Flying” campaign is focused on the community. Their Vietnam fighter helicopters are also a popular exhibit among their tourists and visitors.

The fighter jets of tomorrow displayed at the MFAM are a wonderful display of the finest aircraft in the industry. Guests have a chance to observe the aircraft intended for future battlefields. Future aircraft will be designed to reduce noise and be more friendly to the skies by releasing far fewer emissions and air pollution. The United States is designing new aircraft each year. A few of those aircraft models will be on display at the March Field Air Museum. You can find a listing of their aircraft models listed on the MFAM website. They also have a list of their air model designs that continue to be enjoyed by thousands of people each year.

Future aircraft models are being designed to change the face of aviation as we know it. The aircraft of tomorrow will still dominate the skies. Their models will continue to change as they will be used to transport goods, take people to work, initiate air security, and war. Many of their aircraft is designed by Boeing which has been in use for over 100 years. Aircraft technology is being moved to futuristic technology. For instance, the all-electric aircraft technology is meant to be lightweight and create eco-friendly technology. Your kids will enjoy seeing their sleek jet fighters at the March Field Air Museum.

The March Field Aircraft Exhibits

Their aircraft allows you to walk in the footsteps of the people of aviation history. Their artifacts include a list of letters, uniforms, flight gear, simulations, and much more. The SR-71 is the fastest aircraft known to man and a very popular exhibit. Some of their technology is used by famous pilots and others remain anonymous. Surprisingly, the MFAE has over 70 aircraft and over 30,000 individual artifacts for the public to enjoy. You’ll discover something new for all ages every time you visit.

Bring your entire family and find something fascinating for everyone to enjoy. They strive to help humanity understand aviation. The March Air Museum is located on Van Buren Boulevard near the Mission Inn Museum and is open 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm to the public.