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If you have missing teeth, then you don’t need to wear dentures or a dental bridge. Today, you can have a surgical procedure to have dental implants that will remain in your mouth’s gum tissues and alveolar bones. Is implant dentistry for you?

The Metal Posts Integrate With Your Alveolar Bones

Dental implants are composed of several components, including a metal post that is frequently made from titanium. This post is inserted surgically into your gum tissues, and it will begin to integrate with the alveolar bones and jawbone within a few days. Your dentist will use sedation dentistry along with local anesthetic so that you won’t have any pain throughout the implant procedure.

You May Need to Take Bone-strengthening Medication

Your dentist can prescribe medications that increase the growth of bone in your mouth to improve the osseointegration process. Having metal posts that are firmly in your mouth’s bones will lead to a better outcome when the rest of the dental implant’s components are added. An abutment component and a screw are placed on each of the metal posts before a customized dental crown is placed on the dental implant.

Some Patients Require Multiple Procedures

The metal posts are inserted into the drilled holes in your gums, and your dentist may perform multiple procedures if you are receiving a full mouth of the dental implants. There are also dental implant procedures that involve inserting fewer metal posts in the mouth, but the dentist will use a device that is similar to a bridge to hold four to eight crowns. The type of dental implant procedure required can depend on several factors, including the overall health of your gums and bones.

The Dental Implant Crowns Match the Color of Your Natural Teeth

If you still have natural teeth in your mouth, then the crowns are made to match the color of these teeth. However, your dentist may perform a teeth-whitening procedure on your natural teeth first to eliminate any discolorations on the enamel. If you are receiving a full mouth of dental implants, then your dentist will select a color for the items that will look great with your skin tone.

Dental Implants Rarely Fail

The dental crowns look perfect, and the restorations are made to look like the natural teeth that are missing from your mouth. With daily oral health care, dental implant crowns are durable, but if one of the crowns is damaged, then a dentist can remove the restoration to replace it with a new crown. The metal posts, screws, and abutments rarely fail, so you won’t need to have these devices replaced.

It Is Easy to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

Caring for dental implants is easy by brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and gentle toothpaste. You should also floss your natural teeth and your dental implants, but your dentist may suggest using small interdental brushes to remove food debris. Using an oral irrigator that emits pressurized water is another way to eliminate the bacteria and plaque from your mouth. Who is an ideal candidate for dental implants?