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If you are missing teeth, the immediate solution is dentures. A full set of false teeth are made of approximately 32 plastic teeth fitted in a plastic gum-colored retaining plastic. When you have some of your teeth left on the lower or upper jaw, there is no need to remove all your teeth for full dentures. Retaining your good teeth will provide a solid anchor for a partial denture set to work. The partial dentures are made of the same materials but fitted particularly to replace one or more teeth. Often times, they are anchored to the real teeth with metal or plastic retainers.

What are the Different Types of Partial Dentures Available?

There are several types of partial dentures available at different price ranges.

Cast metal partial dentures are fashioned with sturdy acrylic-based teeth onto a metal frame with metal clasps that anchor onto your real teeth. These are considered the highest quality dental appliance. Internal precision retainers are available in high-end models.

Flexible partial dentures are made out of a flexible nylon material. These dental appliances are known for being realistic, lightweight, and comfortable. They do not require significant adjustments and are easily fitted into your mouth. If the tone of hard plastic and metal is bothersome, and you eat softer foods or have a lot of real teeth, you may choose this solution. It features thin plastic bands that clasp onto anchor teeth instead of metal prongs.

Tooth flipper partial dentures are often used after teeth are removed to stimulate the bones and prevent bone loss. These false teeth are inexpensive but fragile. They are also very bulky. They are formed on a thick acrylic base with metal brackets to anchor them onto the adjacent real teeth.

Fixed bridge partial dentures are an aesthetically pleasing permanent dental appliance that can be installed to bridge a gap between two healthy teeth. The drawback of this procedure is that the healthy teeth have to be ground down to accommodate the false tooth surfaces of the appliance being cemented into place over them. In this regard, healthy teeth are prone to decay and will lose some of their natural feels.

Implant-supported fixed bridge partial dentures allow the wearer to keep their original teeth intact without any grinding. The partial denture is anchored into place on titanium posts that are implanted permanently in the jawbone. These partials are a strong and permanent solution. In fact, it is possible to anchor a full set of conventional dentures into place using this method with as few as four implants.

How Soon Can I Be Fitted for Dentures?

New dentures can be fitted in 8-12 weeks after any teeth are removed. It is possible to have a set of replacement dentures called “immediate dentures” prefabricated and available for immediate use after tooth removal. However, you should consider that your gums and bones will shrink after teeth are removed and that they will need to be adjusted or replaced with what is called “conventional dentures” after the 12-week mark.